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In Concert

Haven't been to see the Peterborough Pop Ensemble live yet? Get a flavour for their concerts, their amazing sets and great costumes.
Dancin' the Night Away - ABBA 2014.JPG

Promotional Group Photos

Great shots of us as a group through the years.
Promo photo 2013.JPG

Candid Photos

Behind the scenes with the Peterborough Pop Ensemble.

In the Community & Charity Work

A snapshot of some the great community events we've participated in as well as some great causes to which we have lent our voices.
10 - Concert for Hope Sept. 2011.jpg

Concert Posters

A snapshot of all of our concerts over the years.
2017 - Gershin Porter Berlin February

Special Events

Not just concerts, opening for the Jays, singing for the Mariles, all a ton of fun.
Workshop back rub - cadence April 2009.jpg

Our Sponsors

Logos of all the sponsors of the Peterborough Pop Ensemble for 2012-2013

The Early Years 2000 - 2008

Archival Photos of the early years of the Peterborough Pop Ensemble.
Maureen,-Ken,-Andrew 2006.jpg