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In Concert

Haven't been to see the Peterborough Pop Ensemble live yet? Get a flavour for their concerts, their amazing sets and great costumes.
New Hamburg Live! Festival of the Arts June 2, 2012.jpg

Promotional Group Photos

Great shots of us as a group through the years.
market hall video photo.jpg

Candid Photos

Behind the scenes with the Peterborough Pop Ensemble.
Melissa, Seanon and Leslie -Doo Wop Feb. 2016.jpg

In the Community & Charity Work

A snapshot of some the great community events we've participated in as well as some great causes to which we have lent our voices.
Hands Up Hockey Challenge game December 2013.jpg

Concert Posters

A snapshot of all of our concerts over the years.
2018 - Spotlight February

Special Events

Not just concerts, opening for the Jays, singing for the Mariles, all a ton of fun.
Aces of Harmony Poster.JPG

Our Sponsors

Logos of all the sponsors of the Peterborough Pop Ensemble for 2012-2013

The Early Years 2000 - 2008

Archival Photos of the early years of the Peterborough Pop Ensemble.
Canadian Senior Golf Tournament, September 2007 Group.JPG