Quilts for Cancer – Showers of Blessings, One Quilt at a Time

The Peterborough Pop Ensemble is proud to support Quilts for Cancer Peterborough County with a portion of the proceeds from our concert on Saturday, February 10th.  I recently received this beautiful description of the work this organization does from one of our Board members whose husband is presently struggling with cancer. I thought I would share it with you as it reveals just how meaningful a gift like this can be to someone in need.  ~ Barb Monahan (Artistic Director)

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Sitting in the chemo suite at our local hospital one morning, Ron and I met a wonderful couple who were occupying the treatment space beside us. The man opened up a bag and pulled out a beautiful handmade quilt to cover up with. We asked him where he got it and he said “Quilts for Cancer.” The nurse said “I’ll get you the brochure.” When we got home, I emailed the address on the brochure, and the same day, got a call back from a lovely lady. She told me that the quilts are free, they deliver them all over this area, and they have 60 ladies who make them. I asked if I could get one for my husband, and she said, yes, she would have it delivered as soon as possible. Two days later, she called back, and that day, she came to the door carrying a beautiful bag containing a gorgeous quilt. She spoke to my husband kindly and caringly, and wished him well on his cancer journey. He was so taken aback and touched by her presentation that there were tears in his eyes, and before she left, he gave her a big hug.

The quilt came with a beautiful card with Ron’s name on it along with a lovely verse. The carry bag is handmade out of light fabric, with a shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry. The stitching is done in the shape of hearts. On the inside there is a beautiful label sewn in that has the same verse as the card. The inside of the quilt is made of flannelette, making it warm and cozy. Impeccably crafted, lovingly presented and generously given to anyone living with cancer. Endless hours of work go into each quilt, and nothing is asked in return.

When someone is feeling sick, cold, exhausted, anxious and hopeless, this gift of a quilt is an incredible blessing. It gives the recipient permission to wrap up, curl up, keep warm and feel cared for at a time when their body and soul are being assaulted by the effects of cancer and chemotherapy or radiation treatments, and their life is turned upside down by the inescapable stigma of being a cancer patient.

We are thankful every day to the ladies of Quilts for Cancer, who shower cancer patients with blessings, one quilt at a time.

Nola Wilson