Auditions for the Peterborough Pop Ensemble occur on an “as needed” basis. Periodically there will be an call out for anyone interested in singing with the group.  We are always interested in hearing from any vocalists who would like to be considered for our group, so please contact us even if you are uncertain whether or not auditions are being held.

Here is a complete outline of the audition process.

Membership with the Peterborough Pop Ensemble

Director:  Barbara Monahan


Phone:  705-748-6487


Audition:  Part One

In this first part of the audition, the interested candidate will:

  • Complete an interview and be given important information about the group and the expectations of membership
  • perform a song without any accompaniment (perhaps a couple of verses and chorus). The song should demonstrate vocal range, quality, style, and be in the jazz, pop, Broadway or Gospel genre.
  • work through several vocal “warm ups” to demonstrate range and tone.
  • Sight read/learn a section of a song which the Pop Ensemble performs and sing the section with director or another member singing a second part (ability to sing harmony)
  • If all goes well, the candidate will be given a piece of music to learn and asked to come to a second audition with the full group to sing it.

Audition:  Part Two

In this second part of the audition, the interested candidate will:

  • Learn and rehearse a piece of music given by the director
  • Come to an evening rehearsal with the ensemble and sing the song with the others
  • Stay for ½ hour and sing other selections with the group
  • During this session the candidate will stand beside the director and other members of the ensemble (independence of part)
  • If all goes well, the candidate will be invited to join the group

Probationary Period

New members will be reviewed 3 – 6 months after joining.  It is important that the director see improvement and growth in a singer during this time  – specifically in singing skills, rehearsals, and in concert performances.



Rehearsals are held every Sunday evening throughout the season at George Street United Church.  Rehearsals generally run from 7:30 – 9:30 p.m.   Periodically extra rehearsals are called based on members’ availability and also on long weekends when the rehearsal will either be cancelled or moved to Monday evening.   Prior to a major performance, Sunday rehearsals may also involve Sunday afternoon.

Each member is given his/her own Music Folder #.  Members are asked to keep their music in a black binder for rehearsals.  Markings are permissible in pencil.

Membership Fee

At present members of the ensemble do not pay an actual membership fee.  There are clear expectations, however, for each member to obtain $200 in advertising for the yearly program or in sponsorship for our shows, and to have a specific role within the organization which is determined in discussion with the director based on the needs of the group.

Uniform/Pop Ensemble Jacket

Each member will be asked to purchase at least one black shirt/top which will be embroidered with the Pop Ensemble logo.  Generally members have two shirts:  one for each season.  At this time, members can purchase their own shirt and simply have the logo added.

The members of the Peterborough Pop Ensemble have jackets which are worn on various occasions to identify the group.  These jackets have the City of Peterborough Logo on the sleeve, as well as the Pop Ensemble Logo.

New members may choose one of two options:

  1. Pay a $50.00 deposit to the ensemble for use of the jacket with the expectation that it will be returned in good condition should the member leave the group.
  2. Purchase the jacket.

Yearly Review

A member will meet with the director at least once each year to review the member’s performance throughout the season – singing, stage presentation, and involvement within the organization.