Saying Goodbye

This season we are saying good bye to two long-time members of the Peterborough Pop Ensemble:  Dustin Bowers (Accompanist) and David Hunter (Tenor)

Dustin Bowers

After 10 years with the Peterborough Pop Ensemble, we are sad to say good bye to Dustin Bowers, our accompanist.  Dustin has been a dedicated member of the Peterborough Pop Ensemble and we will miss his talent and his sense of humour.  It just won’t be the same with out you but we wish you the best in the adventures ahead!







David Hunter

David, a long-time member of the tenor section, is retiring from the Peterborough Pop Ensemble this year.  David joined the group in 2004, took a two year hiatus from 2010-2012 and returned to sing with the group until June 2019.  David’s commitment to the group, the pure joy he exudes when he sings and his musical talent is something we will all miss.  We wish you the best, David.  Thank you for the music.


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