Barbara Monahan Memorial Scholarship

Barbara Monahan was many things: talented, caring, professional. But ultimately, Barb was selfless: she never put herself before her students, and regardless of a student’s ability, she gave 100% Barbara all the time. A remarkable visionary, she never judged a book by its cover, but instead opened the book and wrote the chapters. To that end, she had the ability to work with those who didn’t necessarily show the most promise or skill and drew out the hidden gem that made them amazing. She saw potential in everyone, and the results were astonishing.

Barbara also exemplified integrity, kindness and empathy. Everything she did was done with love, passion, and care, and these were gifts that she shared with everyone she met. Rarely do people practice what they preach, but she truly did.

Barbara had a passion for music, theatre, and Kenner. She shared her talents and passion as a Kenner student and later as a Kenner teacher. For many years, Barbara was instrumental in putting on band concerts, musicals, and variety shows. She taught and helped so many in their own artistic endeavours, but she was herself an incredible singer, pianist, and drummer, a longtime member of the Peterborough Singers, and the founder of the Peterborough Pop Ensemble. She had an incredible impact on everyone she met, everyone she taught, and everyone who heard her sing.

In her honour, the Barbara Monahan Memorial Fund invites all Kenner students who possess her characteristics to apply for the Barbara Monahan Memorial Scholarship. As she was a patron of the arts, preference will be given to those who are successfully completing a Grade 12 Arts course and/or are enrolling in a post-secondary Arts program. Candidates must submit a short essay, no more than 250 words, detailing how they exemplify Barbara’s best qualities, and why they feel they should be considered for this scholarship.

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